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Post by BSmith on Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:32 pm

I feel like we're all experienced enough to understand how to RolePlay, but just in case, this will give us solid rules to refer to if a problem crops up.


1) A RolePlay is defined as a collaborative story. Each player controls a character or characters who all interact in a fashion similar to that of a novel. This is not a writing exercise or a game; those posts should be in the Hole in the Wall forum. In addition, you must have permission from the RP's creator to post in that RP.

2) No spam. All posts within the thread of an RP must contribute to the story. If you wish to discuss something about the RP, do so in the respective OOC thread.

3) Each RP is owned by its creator. They set the tone of the story, the setting, the basic character structure, and the content. They have the final say in approving characters and storylines. If you don't like it, tough. It's not your story.

4) No writing for other characters without their controller's permission. Even though RPing is a group effort, each character belongs to someone. With the exception of NPCs, you should NEVER write a post that involves someone else's character doing something major without that person's permission.

5) No god-modding. Your character should never be overly powerful; all that does is ruin the story that's trying to be told.

6) Every created RP must have a corresponding OOC (Out-Of-Character) thread. This thread is used for any of the following: OOC posts, applications, announcements, questions and feedback... basically anything that has to do with the RP that isn't a story post.

7) There may only be TWO active RPs at any one time. An RP is considered active if the opening post (the one that starts the story) has been made and other users signed up for the RP are allowed to post. If an RP has not yet started, this rule does not apply to it; there can be any number of inactive RPs (accepting applications, creator on hiatus, etc.), but if there are two active RPs, these inactive ones will not be allowed to start.

8) RPs must have at least 4 participants (including the creator) before they can begin. If your RP does not reach this level, there simply isn't enough interest in it to allow it to become one of the two active threads. If you and one other person wish to collaborate on a story in some fashion, post it in the Writer's Workshop.

9) When an RP has gone seven days without a post (and without a good reason), a moderator will call for a vote in its respective OOC thread. If the majority of participants declare the RP "dead," the thread will be locked, moved to the RP Gallery, and a new RP will be allowed to start in its place. If they declare it "alive," however, it will be given one more week. If still nobody posts within that timeframe, the RP is officially dead.

10) Most importantly, have fun! No flaming, arguing, or otherwise ruining the experience for others.

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