All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents

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All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents Empty All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents

Post by Amano Murokumone on Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:54 am

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I wanna see through your eyes

All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents RRbanner-1

This thread is the stuff no one probably cared to know about Rachel's Rodents. However, I see, everyone who has read it, likes it, so I thought I'd give some random stuff. Kay? Kay. [/Dennis Leary voice]

How I came up with Rachel's Rodents,

I have a grey cat named Rachel. Rachel is an outside cat, and anyway, is pretty hideous. I mean, it's not like there's something gross on her, but she's just kinda...stragley...gross. Like a rodent. So Rachel got pregnant, and I joked that she'd be giving birth to 'Rodents'. Rachel's Rodents. When I first thought of that term to myself, I immediately got an idea for a Role Play where we play as young orphans working for a woman named Rachel. At that time (About...two months ago?) I had other stuff I was working on, so I forced myself to do my best and not think about it. And thus, it was put on the back burner; no heat.

Probably a few weeks after that,

Danny (If you don't know who he is by now, you're living under a rock) and I wanted to do some photography, or whatever. So, we're in my room, and I'm like, 'Well, lets just dress up in some gothy style, and go out in the field and take pictures.' So, I dressed him up ( <3 ) and really liked the outcome. (Wisper, previously known as 'Wisp'). Then, I got into what I called a 'sorta cyber-punk-goth' get-up. (Sonny) After that, we went out and took pictures. The next day, we did the same thing with the other two outfits. I had no plans for these pictures what-so-ever. But, that's what's great about our friendship; we just 'do shit'. Anyway, yeah. Yep. I photoshopped the best ones, and kept them for 'whatever'. (Oh, I also made up names for them as I saved them. I'll go into that later.)

I told Danny, I'm like, "We should create a story for these people." I wanted, originally, to do two more character people, but we just weren't in the mood the next day. So we didn't. (Probably a good thing.) I think it was the next day, I was thinking about what I could do with them, and I remembered that Rachel's Rodents idea that was still on the backburner with no heat. Instantly, it replaced whatever the fuck was on the front and the heat blazed.

It's tough to explain my happened next. My mind makes sense of things without telling me. But, in the end, the 'feeling' for Rachel's Rodents came out. There was no denying that this was a story I wanted to tell. Whatever it was. I really was still unsure. But, either way, I ran with it.

Side note:
The Honey Trees is the 'official' inspiration when thinking of Rachel's Rodents plots. Download or BUY their one and only album, 'Wake the Earth'. Too amazing.

If you do BUY (or download) them, 'Find Home' would be their official theme, I guess. Yeah.

The characters,

Sonny is basically who I kinda wish I was. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy who I am. However, if I truely lived a free life, I think it would be like him. Or, his. He just, does stuff. Walks around, whatever. I also really wanted to show his personality of being open and comforting to be who were in need of help, or who were nice themselves. Sonny would never push someone away for no reason. Like everyone, he has his problems, though. As anyone can tell, his manners are lacking. This is because he doesn't really care. It's morality, in his sense.

Wincrest is respect. That's a simple way to classify him. I wanted to make the 'parent' of them all. He's the one who will take a fall for someone (as shown in the prolouge) and stay strong when someone fails. His duty comes first, but since his duty is all about others, you might as well say 'others' come first. He's there to make sure everyone will be okay. He's the spine.

Heming is a strange case. I like him because he's failure. His mind is so unstable with itself that he's no where as confident as someone should be. He has his skills, his interests, his intentions, but all of these end up falling short of their height because he's so unsure. Writing for Heming is like writing the 'obstical' in a story. He's Rodent kin, but he needs extra help.

I can't really get into talking about Wisper.

*will edit more later*
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All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents Empty Re: All the stuff you didn't care to know about Rachel's Rodents

Post by Nissadex on Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:41 am

Well... >_> This is writing related, and this thread is specifically for things not writing related.

I'm prolly gonna move this thread, just because this is specific non-writing.

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