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Post by Zhan Dathka on Fri May 22, 2009 2:45 am

Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!) HerGuardianAngel3
Every human dreams about it: the afterlife. Preachers speak of the grandeur of Heaven and damn the horrors of Hell. Angels and demons, Satan and God; all are debated endlessly. But when you stand before your Creator, what will you ask? Would you go back to defend someone?

Would you forsake…

…Your own…



Sirens blared in the dark night as a crowd assembled around the crashed vehicle, all eyes on the prone form lying deathly still in the street. Whispers trickled through the throng in concern as the boy made no movement; his chest barely moved with the slow inhalation and exhalation of breath. A man stumbled out of the crumpled car, obviously intoxicated and stared wide-eyed at the mess he had created. Rain fell lightly onto the scene of the accident, adding a note of melancholy sadness to the grey asphalt.

“Oh God,” he whispered, a small, empty bottle of alcohol dropping from his limp grasp as he staggered to the boy’s side and fell on his knees. “Wha’ have ah dun?”

“Jason!” a voice screamed shrilly from the doorway of a nearby house. All attention shifted to the young girl sprinting across the pavement, slipping and cutting her knees in the process, to the boy presumed to be Jason. Jason’s eyes slowly fluttered open and the girl let out a sob of relief.

“Amy?” he asked, blinking raindrops out his blood-filled eyes. He coughed violently and a globule of the red mess bubbled from his mouth and trickled down his chin.

“You’re going to be OK, Jason,” Amy whispered “The ambulances are on the way; they’re not far. Just… just hold on.”

Weakly, Jason reached up to his neck and, with a grimace, broke the leather chord keeping the pewter cross hanging from his neck. Grinning, he held the broken necklace out to Amy with his broken fingers. After a moment’s hesitation, she took it and held it tightly against her breast, tears cascading down her cheeks to mingle with the rain. Still smiling, Jason allowed his hand to fall back to the pavement, the shattered bones inside emitting a sickening crunch.

“Just hang on, Jason,” Amy kept saying. “Please…don’t… don’t leave me here alone. You’re… all I have.”

“What do you think Heaven’s like?” Jason asked absently, staring through the breaking clouds to the stars beyond with a serious expression, the veil between the physical and the spiritual slowly receding. “Do you think it will be as boring as they described it in church? Singing eternally on fluffy white clouds while playing harps in stark white robes?”

“Why are you saying this?” Amy demanded brokenly, bowing her head with the cross still to her chest. “You… You can’t GO!”

“I think there’s more to it,” he continued, still gazing at the sky. “I think… that it will be better than that.”

“Jason, can you hear me?” Amy pleaded, grabbing his shoulder.

“Ouch,” he remarked, a grin making its way across his face, though it could have been mistaken for a grimace. Sirens grew closer as he looked farther into the night. Finally, he lifted his hand up to Amy. He noticed with a hint of humor that he was still wearing his black gloves and studded jewelry, even in the near ninety-degree weather, a habit he had developed long ago. Gently, Amy’s hand closed around his and he turned to look her square in the eye.

“Do you remember the promise I made to you?” he asked quietly, his eyes boring into her. “The one I made after your mother nearly died?”

“You promised you would never leave me, no matter what I said,” she sobbed brokenly, her head lowering onto his chest. “You said you would be there even when I didn’t want you to be.”

“Good, you remember,” he said with a smile. Rain began to fall harder onto the cement and thunder echoed in the skies. The crowd murmured restlessly as they watched the two. The drunken man cried quietly to the side as he slowly slipped into an alcohol-induced sleep..

“Amy, will you do a favor for me?”

“Anything, what is it?”

“I want-“ he began, but was interrupted by a fit of coughing. He spat out a mouthful of blood before continuing. “Will you play our song for me? One last time?”

Tears streaming down her face as she dug through her many pockets and yanked out her MP3 player, scrolling through her songs as fast as she could. After a few moments of silence, the first notes of Cadence by Anberlin wafted through the night air, softly for the bystanders, but the only sound for the two. Ambulance doors opened and slammed as orders were shouted, men rushing to Jason’s side. Headlights shined into his eyes, but his gaze was far off into space, a serene expression relaxing his features. Sound became muffled and all he could hear was the music as he slowly drifted away. Amy screamed, but he didn’t hear. Hands pushed on his chest in CPR, but he did not feel. He could see light, like at the end of a dark tunnel. He began to walk forward, but stopped and turned back around. In his last moments of life, his hand shot up and touched Amy’s cheek, her skin warm against his near-lifeless body. The chains on his jacket clattered noisily and he could hear an audible gasp, but knew not where it came from.

“I love you, Amy,” he whispered so quietly she had to lean forward to hear above the storm. “I will watch out for you. Always.”

With that, his arm flopped lifelessly to the asphalt and his eyes grew unfocused. He followed the light and took his first steps into a different world.

Amy screamed his name and wept, losing all composure. Her netted hands stroked his hair as the song continued on.

“…And if these are my parting words, grant me this, my last request. Hold me here, until I sleep. If I burn, then I burn for you…”

“NO!” she wailed above the music. “You can’t go now! You can’t leave me like that! No, please come back! Jason! Jason! Jas…”


Jason looked around in total shock at the paradise surrounding him, something not even close to what the pastors and preachers had told him Heaven would be. He laughed as he looked down at his body, still dressed in his black clothing, began to jump around in joy. His happiness stilled when he recounted those last few moments on earth and he turned to the Light, staring straight at it with fear, but not one like a child fearing the monsters of the dark.

“She needs me,” he said softly, because he knew he could be heard. “Please, send me back. Let me fulfill my promise to her and be by her side until the end, then I will help her to the other side; to Your paradise.”

No audible noise could be heard other than the rushing of waterfalls and the chords of music and songs never heard, but in his mind he understood everything being told to him. A pair of wings sprouted from his back, though did not tear his clothes. He looked over his shoulder at them and smiled widely.

“Thank you,” he said. “Until we are called back together, ever I will be…”

“Her Guardian Angel…”

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Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!) Empty Re: Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!)

Post by Rust on Fri May 22, 2009 5:07 pm

Very good, sir. You have painted an image on a canvas of blessed imagination

I salute you =D

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Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!) Empty Re: Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!)

Post by Amano Murokumone on Sat May 23, 2009 12:56 am

Very awesome. It's a strange, sweet relationship, here.

I know we talked about this already via AIM, so I don't wanna repeat myself too much.

However, you have an idea here with limitless possibilites. Run with it, man. Bring these characters to the ends of your creativity.
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Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!) Empty Re: Her Guardian Angel (NAOW WITH FOTOS!)

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