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Post by Kyinnla on Thu May 28, 2009 12:57 am

So this is a story written between me and two of my friends, HavensRaven and NorthernWolf as they're known back on neo.

It's not all that great, but some comments or suggestions on it would be helpful.

So I colored coded the names, so it's easier to tell who wrote what.

We've been writing this in a notebook and currently NorthernWolf has it. Hopefully I get it back before I go to Germany.

Currently have:
Map of Zarel
Background (includes character sheets and information on the countries)
Prologue (which is crap since I wrote it quickly...meh, it's just not very good)
Chapter One
Chapter Two

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Zarel (temporary title) Empty Re: Zarel (temporary title)

Post by Kyinnla on Thu May 28, 2009 1:18 am


Countries: Starting from the North


Dratunia, the north most country in the land of Zarel, is a tundra with includes the Silindra Ice Shelf. The capital city is Vauri which is southeastern part of the country known for its architecture. The beauty and genius of the creators has made them quite rich. Architectures are hired by five other countries to help beatify them. Lady Sheloha is the current ruler of Dratunia.

Characters from Dratunia

Name: Revallyne Koori (aka. Ree)
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Human, ½ Demon
Age: Seventeen
Class: Mercenary- Outcast
Nation: Dratunia
Weapon: Katana and hidden dagger
Magic Type: Ice
Personality: Shy for the most part, her courage shows though in troubled situations. Outgoing to her friends.
History: Left her country and family behind. She is an only child. It is unknown why she wears a chain upon her neck, for she has never told anybody. Ree is typically on the move, and has been for the past few years.
Other: A wine and ramen lover, she is a care-free soul who hates the color pink

Name: Lady Sheloha
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Avian, ½ Werewolf
Age: 27
Class: Warrior - Mage
Nation: Dratunia
Weapon: Katana
Magic Type: Wind, Ice, Light
Appearance: Grey eyes and light brown hair. Clothes vary in color from dull grey to bright blues or fresh whites.
Personality: Friendly towards friends, sometimes cynical, and pretends to be ignorant of the drama in the castle. She knows most workers in the castle, and makes a point of learning their name, even if they’re only there for a few days, or just visiting for an hour. She’s very tolerant of most things, and usually happy. Although when she’s upset, no one is happy. Her bursts of rage are worse than a snowstorm. She makes up for her temper afterwards with apologies, and gifts or a nice little bonus in their pay.
History: Took leadership four years ago at the age of twenty-three. Her father died at that time. A month after her mother died, after she caught hypothermia about two months earlier and pneumonia set in.
Other: None

Name: Lady Serena
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Elven, ½ Avian
Age: 17
Class: Mage
Nation: Dratunia
Weapon: Six foot long Staff (like thing) and a few hidden daggers
Magic Type: Seer, Summoner
Appearance: Long white hair and lavender/periwinkle mixed eyes, flecked with grey. Five feet and three inches tall.
Personality: Quiet, outspoken when feeling threatened, or defending her ideals, morals, and beliefs. Usually a good listener. Temper flares up rarely, and when it does it’s like a terrible snowstorm. Always wears a smile, even if she doesn’t feel that great.
History: Was quite an active child until nightmares wrecked havoc on the child, who would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. After a few magical tests, they discerned that she was a seer, and, if she wanted, could receive training at the nearby temple, in the ways of seeing. Late on, she was confronted by the Head Priest at fourteen, and was asked if she would like to receive training as a summoner. He fully explained the hardships, and she readily accepted. She went on the pilgrimage to every temple, praying in each one, and gaining an aeon at each.
Other: None


Reyshavik, the mountainous country south and southeast of Dratunia, is home to the tallest mountain in all of Zarel, Mount Murkalin. Clouds have hidden the peak since the beginning of time, but there are those daring explorers who risk their lives to reach the peak and see the breathtaking view. Most don’t make it to the top and back, but those that do, are changed forever. Their tales inspire others to take on challenges in their own lives. The southwestern border is created by a range of tall and small mountains. That strip separates Ralosho and Saldiker. The capital city of Reyshavik is Shallista. It stands between two larger mountain ranges. Reyshavik is also the home of the Callista Gap. It has been said that the Gap has saved a great deal of lives back in the days before the royalty came in and ended the chaos of no true leader. Lady Airyana is the current ruler of Reyshavik. Her husband was murdered which troubles her and her daughter, Isha.

Name: Lady Airyana
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 665 years old (mid-aged for humans)
Class: Archer
Nation: Reyshavik
Weapon: solid pine bow with arrows
Magic Type: *Unavailable*
Personality: A very caring rulers that loves her daughter. She keeps a stern eye over her lands.
History: Parents passed the throne onto her and she has tried to keep everything in control. Her husband was murdered and her dreams are troubled.
Other: She has been increasingly depressed, but puts on a smile.

Name: Isha
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 165 years old (young for humans)
Class: none - stealth
Nation: Reyshavik
Weapon: Throwing Stars
Magic Type: *Unavailable*
Personality: Extremely shy and has an innocent behavior.
History: Her father was murdered and lives with her mother, Airyana.
Other: Revengeful for her father’s death, she trusts no one.


Ralosho is the only country that has land not completely connected on the continent. It is also one of the two countries that have islands. Ralosho borders most of Vilikamo Bay or the Bay of the Bear as most remember it as. The largest set of islands is the Orion Islands followed by the islands that are in Faiain Delta and finally the tiny islands that somewhat separate the Twin River from the Bertan Ocean. Zarel’s largest lake is found in Ralosho, the river country. Bilka Lake leaks out into the Bilka which connects Silvera River, Lunal River, and the Great River. The Great River follows along the Ralosho and Reyshavik border until separating into Falain River and then into the Twin River. Between the Orion Islands and Vilikamo Bay is Cape Bara, the most famous cape. This country, known for its fishing fleets and fish that pours into the market, has its capital in the middle of the country. Aquios is between the Great River and Bilka Lake. The current ruler is Captain Ernst Runoshi, as he is best known.

Name: Captain Ernst Runoshi
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 27 years old
Class: Warrior
Nation: Ralosho
Weapon: rapier and dirk
Magic Type: Mental, he can get inside your head
Appearance: Long black hair, wearing a red captain’s uniform with his rapier at his side.
Personality: Cool headed and reserved to himself
History: Little is known about this Commander because of his coldness towards people.
Other: He hates those better than him.


Saldiker is the driest country of all six. It has only one major river, Auna River, to keep it alive, but that doesn’t mean Saldiker is weak. Some say it makes them stronger and others say it makes them valueless. Either way, Saldiker is best known for its military strength. Great generals are born here. Most of the military heroes have lived in Saldiker. The capital, Saldindal, is near the ocean. The most famous road, Fair Winds Road, has its home in Saldiker. The two most famous bridges are also on Saldiker’s soil; one leds to Greplandra while the other goes to Esterfor. The current ruler is Lady Fira Dragoth.

Name: Lady Fira Dragoth (Ha! Ha! Suck it up cupcakes! I’ll have her be evil; I can do evil…right?)
Gender: Female
Race: Half Elven
Age: 799 (She’ll be older…the more experienced, the more they hunger for more)
Class: Warrior
Nation: Saldiker
Weapon: Falchions
Magic Type: Fire, Wind
Appearance: Long black hair that reaches her waist. 5’5’’ (Short ppl rule!). Slim figure. Wears warm colors such as yellow to red with black which gives her a fiery look.
Personality: Wise (she’ll become greedy), loyal to friends, A fiery temper. Always cynical and pessimistic, expect for a few occasions.
History: Assumed the throne at ninety-nine years old after her parent’s abdicated. Only child. Has secretly delved into dark magic and made treaties with demons in the underworld (Hmm...Yeghoa is a demon…)
Other: None.


Finally one of my countries...*pants* Ralosho spoons Zarel’s fish and Greplandra grows most of the crops. This is possible thanks to the many major rivers spread around the country: The Round Fox (the river shaped similar to a fox) and The Cripple (similar to a parabola) are the strangest shaped rivers in all of Zarel. The river starting in the Palagrand Cove and is called the Heart. The river breaks into two. The spot is called the Broken Heart. The shorter and straighter one of the two is the River of Struggling and the longer, more oddly shaped one is the Surviving Way. The capital is Damei. Bulo Bridge comes over from Saldiker. Greplandra is the only country with a royal “family”. Yeghoa is the head ruler since he was born into the royal family. His wife, Maiha, is currently pregnant with twins, a girl and a boy. Their eldest daughter, Kiyla, baffles them both although they would rather die than admit that.

Name: King Yeghoa
Gender: Male
Race: ½ Human, ½ Demon
Age: 40 years (Human); 225 years (Demon)
Class: Mage/Swordsman
Nation: Greplandra
Weapon: Magic and battleaxe
Magic Type: Dark (Demonic)
Personality: Cold, dark, fair but harsh, level headed.
History: Born as the oldest to his parents. His younger brothers were twins and fell ill to a demonic disease. The twins died at the age of two after having the illness for a week. Yeghoa, the only heir, fell ill from the disease shortly after and survived. He was the first (since the beginning of time) to live after the disease. His parents were relived at first, but became angry and shoved into his studies. They wanted their twin boys, since twins and other multiples are special, unlike single births. He took the throne after his parents died (same illness) at twenty. Yeghoa married Maiha, seven years ago.
Other: His daughter is Kiyla.

Name: Queen Maiha
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Elf, ½ Angel
Age: 36 years (Human); 200 years (Angel and Elf)
Class: Mage
Nation: Greplandra
Weapon: Angelic Magic (Usually dark)
Magic Type: Angelic Magic (Usually dark)
Personality: Dark. Cold. Fiercely loyal to her husband.
History: Maiha was born as the eldest in a high noble family. She is a different kind of angel. She’s like the black sheep of a herd. A race thing indeed, for it is a huge disgrace for angels to be born with black wings. The Gods cursed them. Angels with black wings were only tales until she was born. Her parents were deeply ashamed of her, so they shoved her into her training and studies to hide her from the world. Then her parents realized her power, what her true worth was, so they offered her a job as a mage. Maiha accepted it to earn money and learn about the world she was shielded from. She has been hired to kill and to protect and she has never failed a single mission. Maiha made her parents suffer after moving up and finally killing them. She has two sisters, Haisira and Sahira. Maiha met Yeghoa on a mission. His interest was caught and he hired her. They knew each other for a while before they married.
Other: It is rumored that on Maiha’s trips, she continues her job as an assassin, but with her family’s advantage in mind.

Name: Princess Kiyla
Gender: Female
Race: ¼ Angel, ¼ Elf, ¼ Demon, ¼ Human
Age: Six years (Human)
Class: Mage
Nation: Greplandra
Weapon: Magic and a dagger
Magic Type: Light, Dark, and Earth
Personality: Cold, Dark, Thoughtful, Mysterious.
History: Daughter of Yeghoa and Maiha. The princess was born on the day of an eclipse. It has been foretold that a child born on such a day will be evil, since she first saw darkness (when it should be light) instead of light. She is quite wise, because of her unique abilities.
Other: Kiyla is aware of the darkness creeping into Zarel since she is also a seer.


Esterfor is the southern most country in all of Zarel. It is most known for The Great Forest and the greatest library resides in Losma, the capital which is locked in The Great Forest. Most inventions pour out of the forest country and flood the other countries with new ways of thinking. Some are fools and some are brilliant. Esterfor is the other country with strange rivers. This only starts in the Ferala Sea and at Snake’s City. The river is called Snake River. A few hundred miles outside of The Great Forest is the Head of the Snake River, named that since it looks like a snake’s head. The snake wines through The Great Forest and ends at Losma. The royal family of Esterfor is similar to Reyshavik. Queen Acandi is the head ruler. She has two sons whose father, the king, has left them as the rumors go.

Name: Queen Acandi
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Human and ½ Water Nymph
Age: 39 years old (Human); 189 years (Water Nymph)
Class: Mage
Nation: Esterfor
Weapon: Her magic, but she has at least three daggers hidden on her person.
Magic Type: Water with some nature
Personality: Quiet, reserved, fierce in anger, but rarely shows her emotions.
History: Acandi was raised as an only child to a single parent, her father. He raised her in the arts of water and nature. The ruler at the time was childless and unmarried, so he took his niece, Acandi, to be his heir. Her father didn’t want his daughter to rule. He didn’t want that pressure on her and he would lose his living memory of his wife. Her father passed on when she was only sixteen by a mysterious death. It was quite clear to the people that the king had him (his brother) taken care of. She continued her education under her uncle and ascended the throne at eighteen and married a year later to Bekor.
Other: Since Bekor’s disappearance, she has been much quieter.

Name: Prince Hucos
Gender: Male
Race: ¾ Human and ¼ Water Nymph
Age: 19 (Human) * not counted in nymph since his bloodline only carries a fourth of the line.
Class: Swordsman
Nation: Esterfor
Weapon: A Steel family longsword
Magic Type: A small amount of water (he only trained to keep control of it, but he despises magic…“It’s unnatural”)
Personality: Outgoing, says what’s on his mind, honorable
History: Son of Acandi and Bekor. He grew up as the only child in the castle until he turned three when Train was born. He was very protective of him. Hucos taught his brother everything he knew until he turned thirteen when Tarin didn’t want Hucos as a teacher anymore. Since then the close brothers have let dust settle on their relationship.
Other: Hucos want to become king. He doesn’t want Tarin to have the throne.

Name: Prince Tarin
Gender: Male
Race: ½ Human, ¼ Water Nymph, ¼ Demon
Age: 16 (Human)
Class: Mage
Nation: Esterfor
Weapon: Demon, Water, and Earth magic and a falchion
Magic Type: Demon, Water, and Earth
Personality: Troublesome as a child. Since his 10th birthday, he has kept to himself. Cold. Dark.
History: Tarin has trained himself hard to become better. An unknown force drives him. He holds something dear to him, but that too is a secret.
Other: None.

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Zarel (temporary title) Empty Chapter One- Part One

Post by Kyinnla on Thu May 28, 2009 1:57 am

Narina Kahri-Vaasa was a quiet child, not because she couldn’t talk, but because she didn’t really have a lot to say. She liked listening the most, she had learned rather a lot about politics that way. When she grew older, she was often confronted by lesser nobles, and even higher nobles about political advice. Narina sighed, she missed her younger years. She sat in the shadows, and watched the other nobles’ body language and expressions. She had become skilled in that particular place, and was often asked by Lady Fira Dragoth to sit near her during court. Narina passed notes to the Lady on a nobles’ behavior or a small piece of advice. Sometimes Narina would annoy Fira, but she knew Fira didn’t mean most of her harsh words.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Lady Sheloha wrapped her fur lined cloak around her tighter as she trudged across the open court-yard.
“Stupid weather,” She muttered.
The wind howled again and Sheloha yelled, “Alright! Alright! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
Sheloha finally got to the door, and found it covered with ice. Waving her hand at it, it disappeared. Entering, she stamped her booted feet on the rug, shaking off the snow.
‘I hate the wind’ she thought. Walking down the long corridor, she turned left, then right, and came to an enormous hall where she held the traditional Snow Festival, and other things. There, at the farthest end of the hall, sat a young lady dressed in grey and silver.
She had her back turned to Sheloha, so she couldn’t tell who she was. She was definitely a newcomer.
Walking to the other end, she greeted her newcomer.
“Hello, I’m Lady Sheloha,-”
“I know who you are, Lady Sheloha, I’m a native of Dratunia. My name is Serena, Lady Serena.”
Irritated now, Sheloha pasted a pleasant face on and sighed inwardly.
“Well, Welcome back then…Lady Serena” Sheloha said carefully.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Fira flicked her hair over her shoulder and twisted and played with her engagement ring.
‘I love him…Don’t I? Why am I having second thoughts?’ Fira thought.
The ring itself was nearly priceless, a fire diamond, in twisted rose gold and silver.
‘I guess I’ve been alone most of my life, and I’m afraid to lose my freedom…’ Fira thought as everything went on in the Court around her. ‘Narina can fill me in later…I’m not really losing my freedom thought, I feel freer when I’m with him.’
Narina slipped a note to Fira.

"Pay attention My Lady. The lesser nobles are getting nervous, and the others are on the brink of a blood bath!
~ Narina"

Fira scowled. ‘These nobles are so irritating. Why can’t I just be left in peace?’

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Lady Serena stood, and settled her wise, and slightly bemused blue-grey eyes on Lady Sheloha. The Lady hasn’t appeared to change much after three years. ‘She looks and acts the same, but she has grown wiser, but pretends some ignorance. Just as well, less…drama that way.’
“Thank you, Lady Sheloha, I am hoping we can come to an understanding, and maybe an agreement” Serena said.
“What is this understanding you speak of?” Sheloha asked.
“I am a seer, and summoner, and there are important things I have learned in my pilgrimage the last three years. I am hoping that you understand what I know can help you greatly.”
“And what is the agreement?”
“I can, and might, be a powerful ally. If you accept, I’ll be proficient in all areas of combat and political affairs, but I’ve got no where to stay. If I become…your…advisor, I’d like rooms to stay in, and all the necessities like food, and clothing, and a few spare coins incase I fancy something in the market. I don’t expect much, just enough for I’m comfortable. Will you accept?”
“What is this knowledge you have?” Sheloha asked.
Serena pressed a hard, within more than reasonable demands. The offer was tempting, but Sheloha wasn’t insane. Serena could lying about this information. She was a seer and summoner after all. Serena smiled at herself. She knew it was an offer too tempting to refuse.
“Political and military information in Saldiker.”

Acandi tapped her right fingers against the oak desk in front of her. Years had passed since she last saw Bekor. Fourteen in fact. He had come home from a business trip (He was one of the few people that could match the queen’s love of the sea). It was his first time seeing Tarin. Bekor knew what happened, but he acted like it didn’t. He never stayed home long and was off the next morning, but this time he didn’t leave a note. Search parties had gone out to find the missing king, but to no prevail. The people either thought he had run off with someone else or he was dead. A new theory had bounced around the kingdom before reaching Acandi’s ears. King Bekor had been captured. She left angry at this piece of gossip especially when her rule was nearing it’s end. When Esterfor’s hier is twenty-two and has completed his or her training, the heir would take the crown.
“Mother?” Acandi looked up to see her eldest son, Hucos, standing before her. “I want to practice with the Yigaw.” Acandi’s eyes immediately narrowed. “What have I told you?” she demanded harshly. “That the Yigaw belongs to the ruler of Esterfor, but that will be me in less than three years. I should get some practice in with it, before then.” “There is a reason the age is twenty-two. You know as well as I how powerful that weapon is.” “Exactly my point. If I-” “Hucos” Acandi snapped. They had this conversation so many times before. The prince glared at her and turned away. He was nineteen now, but still acted like a five-year-old sometimes.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

“Good, good.”
Kiyla looked at her father who had entered the room. She had been training on a new technique.
“Your daughter learns faster than any other student I’ve known.” Yeghoa nodded. That was why he had hired the best to train her. “Carry on” he told them and left.
He was amazed at the power his daughter held. Not many had the heritage of over two races. Her mother was the first black-winged angel. The first recorded anyway. Kiyla somehow had part light, part dark. It didn’t make much sense, for dark angels were “mistakes”. The child had demonic abilities and the agility of an elf. She had the potential of a great human mage. Kiyla was profoundly different, but could that be completely good?
“Maiha” Yeghoa called, stopping his wife. “Another trip?” he asked. “Yes. This one is very important…Especially to Kiyla.” Yeghoa nodded. They kept Kiyla’s true abilities to themselves, for if the news got out, there would be assassination attempts. Already Maiha had saved the child from her distant relatives.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Tarin heard his brother sit next to him.
“She refused…again” Hucos said with a sigh. Tarin didn’t reply about the Yigaw, but instead asked “Are you going to see her again tonight?” Hucos turned to look at Tarin. He opened his mouth to ask how he knew, but closed it. Tarin always seemed to know everything that went on. “Yes.”
Tarin felt like something would change tonight.
“She’s carrying a disease. It can be cured with medicine made from the sand of Saldiker.”
Hucos narrowed his eyes just like his mother did earlier. “And I’m just to snatch some sand from another country?” “Isn’t the monthly meeting coming up? It’s being held there this moon.” “Mother would take one of us with” Hucos said, thinking aloud. “But which one will go?” “You.” Hucos nodded, trusting his strange brother. “Good” he replied. Tarin sighed. It was strange having a conversation with Hucos this long. “She’s leaving tomorrow. The meeting lasts for two days although it is polite to arrive a day earlier and to leave two hours after the meeting ends.” Hucos simply nodded again.

Wind whipped the window as a sleeping figure laid in her bed. Her elven features contorted in an unpleasant dream.
Blood, everywhere, she could see a mangled corpse, her husband’s. A scream tore at her throat and she suddenly wanted death, the blood continued to spill over the ground and over her feet.
“Mother, mother wake up!” it was Isha, her violent eyes filled with worry. Airyana awoke with a start, she smiled, though it felt like the blood was still on her. “I’ll be right down, Isha,” she replied and got dressed. She had slept till mid-day, the mountains a golden white in the sun. She went down to lunch, a servant telling her of the meeting in Saldiker. It was going to be a long day; she decided to spend it with her beloved daughter, Isha. She was very skilled at her throwing stars, never missed. But no one was sure what her abilities were going to be.

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Zarel (temporary title) Empty Chapter One- Part Two

Post by Kyinnla on Thu May 28, 2009 1:57 am

Captain Runoshi’s black hair whipped behind him as his ship set sail towards Saldiker. It would take his crew one more day of sailing to reach the meeting. A servant cantered up to him, “Another mishap near Jarkla, Captain!” the man saluted sharply. Ernst’s eyes sharpened, “What this time?” it was all said in a monotone voice. “P-plundered again, sir. The Tersa this time.” “Go” was Runoshi’s command, his thoughts were angered, Teresa had been his best ship. He looked out toward the horizon, they were nearing the dock. He would have to question the other rulers about the mysterious robberies.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Revallyne’s footsteps were softened by the forest floor as she stepped through Esterfor. She had come here out of mere curiosity, although she would no doubt be questioned by Acandi’s people, out of suspicion of a threat to their home.
She stepped through the growth of the tress and whistled, a mouse showed itself. The creature scurried away as a foot stepped beside her. It was a soldier.
“Who are you?” it was a demand. “Mercenary, traveler, be what it may.” She paused, “What day is it?” she asked. “Day before the Moon Meeting.” Ree’s eyes lit up. “Aah, then surely your Lady would need an escort, a sort of guard to travel with?” the soldier mockingly raised an eyebrow, “Not likely, she has us for that.” Ree shrugged and made her way around him, and pulled her katana out to his throat. “Well, I hope you’re not her escort then, my offer still stands.”
She walked off. Her cash was low and she needed a job again. She sighed, the soldier had stared awe-struck after her, she doubted that Acandi even wanted a guard. Ree knew all the rulers were strong. She sat among the branches of a tree; in the distance was the palace where Acandi was, probably aware of her presence.
Ree started to move again down a forest road, thinking of what to do, walking in the general direction of Acandi’s palace. Ree might as well have some fun.

After Lady Fira calmed the nobles and dismissed the court, Narina hurried after her. She sighed irritably. Never the less she stopped, and turned to face her.
“Lady Fira, the first will start to arrive tomorrow…you haven’t forgotten…have you?”
“I nearly did…” Fira replied sighing, “but I suppose that’s why I have you around, to remind me.”
Narina gave a nod, and walked in step with Fira.
“I’ve been having second thoughts lately…”
“Second thoughts, my Lady?”
“About my engagement…”
“But why? You seem in love…”
“Yea…” Fira trailed off.
“You do love him…don’t you?” Fira could hear the trickle of animosity creep into Narina’s voice.
“No, No, I love him, of course, “ Fira sighed, “I just don’t know if I’ll still be…free.”

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

‘It seems fair enough, and it would be nice to have her while I’m in Saldiker…for the Luna Meeting’ Sheloha thought.
“Alright, Lady Serena, I accept your offer.”

Lady Serena smiled, “Great, now, about Saldiker…”

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Narina was used to Lady Fira’s fickle thoughts. Lately though, Fira’s been having more radically fickle thoughts. She would go secretive and testy to open and happy.

Yeghoa decided to bring Kiyla to her first Moon Meeting. She was the heir to the throne and she should begin learning about what it took to run a country. Yeghoa looked across the carriage to see Kiyla. She was silently looking out the window. Kiyla wasn’t much of talker, but when she did, it was important to listen.
Yeghoa waited for her to continue, a sign of respect.
“Why do the leaders meet in a country? There should be a place neutral to all.”
Yeghoa sat, thinking how he should word his answer.
“No country would willingly give up their land. All known lands are part of the six current nations, but if one had the power to create such a place, they would keep it for themselves.”
The carriage fell silent expect for the bumps in the road. Yeghoa looked out his own window and wondered the full effect his daughter’s blood had on her. If she was only six human years old, what she be like at ten, sixteen, twenty?

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Acandi was angry when she heard of some traveler threatening her power as indirectly as it was. “I want her to be here when I return.”
Acandi walked outside to the awaiting ship. ‘The sea…’ Water always had a calming affect on her.
Hucos appeared at her side before she had the chance to call for him. “Good. Let’s be on our way.”
Tarin was already outside by the ship even before Acandi came out. “Remember your lessons and my words to you, my son” Acandi said to him.
A light dawned on Hucos as he realized his brother would rule while they were away. Envy filled him, but he was the eldest and once he became king he would rule until his firstborn’s twenty-second birthday.
‘I guess a taste won’t hurt’ Hucos thought bitterly, but at the next meeting he would get to rule while Tarin went with.
“Farewell, Tarin” Acandi told her youngest as she walked up the pathway. Hucos nodded his good-bye and calmly headed to catch up with his mother.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Maiha slammed the door to her bedroom closed. She had found what she had been looking for, but how could she get her? Maiha wanted this to be done before her husband and daughter returned. Suddenly the path lit up in her mind. She had certain connections to the girl which would be needed in this mission.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Tarin stood panting as beads of sweat ran down his forehead. “Now, again” a calm female voice told him. Tarin glared, but did the move again this time properly. His trainer nodded her approval, something that was quite rare.
A stormy black orb flew at Tarin. Surprised, he ducked it. Tarin’s legs collapsed from the spell that attacked them. His arms were locked behind his back as the orb came back. Train opened his mind as he strengthened his own shield on it. He analyzed the spell that created the orb and muttered “Rn.”
The orb disappeared. Tarin blew energy to his locked limbs and twisted his head to fully regain control of them.
Tarin created his own techniques by combining what his trainers had taught him and making his own version which was sometimes more powerful.
The orb reappeared and flashed over to Tarin’s trainer who crushed the orb with her bare left hand. “Always be listening, watching, waiting for an enemy to slip up” she reminded him with a snap.
Tarin had taken on this new trainer to become his new instructor after his old one was…killed. Tarin told his mother that the old man had gotten careless and used too much magic when he was teaching and it just got to him. He didn’t want one who cared what his position was, only his natural power.
She looked at Tarin, still on the floor. “Now then. I have something to ask of you.” Tarin watched her face with his expressionless mask. “About Tayi…” Tarin understood what she meant and waited.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Kiyla had been silent the rest of their journey. She wondered how such meetings worked.
They arrived as the first guests. Kiyla’s eyes roamed over the castle. The architecture was different than what she was used to, but she had expected that. Kiyla favored the way places were constructed in her own land.
She noticed a messenger to inform the queen of their arrival. Yeghoa looked at her in her human form. He nodded to remind her of what she had been taught and turned to a man who would lead them to Lady Fira.
Once they were led inside, the man bowed and left. “Lady Fira” Yeghoa greeted formally as the custom to meeting royalty in their palace. Yeghoa bowed after Kiyla’s curtsey. “Lady Fira, my daughter, Princess Kiyla.” Royalty sent gifts to newly born royals, but they never visited. It was almost rude. The parents would introduce them to other royals at the Moon Meeting, but if countries were at war, they would not go to the meeting until the war ended.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

“Mother?” Acandi turned to Hucos. “Yes?” “Was father…Did he have two sides?” “Two sides? I guess you could say that. Why?” “Tarin and I. We’re so…so different.” Acandi nodded. “Night and day, you boys are.”
As Hucos and Acandi left their ship for the awaiting carriage, Hucos noticed another ship landed nearby. “Runoshi” his mother told him. “The carriage will carry us and him.” Hucos wanted his own carriage, but he would suck it up.

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To be honest, it's slightly hard to read. Not because of the grammar or anything, but because of the way it's split off. I put it in a Word document and sorted it out and it became fine, though. Good stuff <3

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